SandBox Logistics Drives Sustained Market Growth in 2017 and Beyond

Sandbox Logistics

Sandbox Logistics

SandBox Logistics is a Houston, Texas-based company that provides hydraulic fracturing clients with innovation-driven last mile delivery services. Acquired by growth-focused U.S. Silica Holdings, Inc., in August 2016, SandBox Logistics was recently featured in a Seeking Alpha article titled “Frac Sand Companies with Integrated Logistics Will Be King in 2017.”

With regional sand demand expected to expand upwards of 70 percent this year, a key investor focus is on U.S. Silica’s multifaceted growth strategy, which began with the acquisition of NBR Sand in July 2016. This regionally focused move centered on East Texas markets spanning Haynesville, Eagle Ford, and Eaglebine.

Seeking Alpha characterized the SandBox Logistics deal as equally impactful, with forecasts pointing to a doubling of market share within the upcoming 12-18 months. The acquisition is described as highlighting the vital role that last-mile logistics play in boosting fracking operation activities and driving industry efficiencies and profitability within a competitive market environment.


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