Proppant Explained

Proppant pic


SandBox Logistics was acquired by U.S. Silica Holdings Inc. in August 2016 as a value added fit to its business of providing commercial silica products and services to the oil and gas industry. SandBox Logistics offers innovative solutions in the transport of proppant, and the purchase of the company has already exceeded U.S. Silica’s initial expectations.

Proppants play a fundamental role in the hydraulic fracturing used in oil and gas extraction. They are particulate materials (including silica sand grains and manufactured ceramic materials) that are conveyed to the fracture by water or other fluids. The mesh they create enables released oil or gas to pass through it as the oil or gas flows to the wellbore.

As proppants are used in deep hydrocarbon formations so that the fracture remains propped open, the proppant material must be able to cope with the oil and gas, freshwater and saltwater, various temperatures, and high pressure. Proppants are not a one size fits all solution, as hydrocarbon formations have different characteristics and require different approaches. Given this fact an appropriate proppant material must be chosen, a decision commonly based on its strength, density, shape, and size.


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