Natural Gas Extraction – Sand Proppants

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Sand Proppants
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SandBox Logistics delivers innovative industrial silica solutions to clients in a variety of sectors, including oil and gas extraction. In fact, SandBox Logistics and its partners’ sand proppant delivery operations maintain excellence at each point of the process, from sourcing sand at the mines to final off-loading at the well-head.

Sand proppant facilitates the removal of natural gas trapped deep underground. It comprises a particulate material mixed with a fluid and is pumped into the ground. The sandy fluid ensures that the fissures through which natural gas extraction occurs do not close in on themselves.

Proppants are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and they are often adjusted according to the geological features of the specific hydrocarbon extraction site in question. For each well, extraction firms can expect to need about 5 million pounds of sand to mix proppant.

Because of the sheer quantity of sand required by the industry, logistics can prove a challenge. In this case, “logistics” means the capacity to acquire sand from mines, ship it by rail over long distances, transition cargo from rail to truck, and deliver the sand safely to extraction sites.