About Sandbox Logistics

Sandbox Logistics

Known for its proprietary oil field services, Sandbox Logistics, LLC, provides dedicated support in all aspects of fracking, from wellhead to sand mine operations. The company, headquartered in Houston, helps make processes cleaner and more efficient. Sandbox Logistics has an emphasis on solutions that address delivery bottlenecks and reduce safety-related incidents.

At the wellhead, proprietary containers with proppant are delivered straight into blender hopper, which reduces the amount of silica dust in the atmosphere. In addition, a lightweight chassis and a smaller number of tractors enable the pre-delivery of proppant to well-sites, so that it is available at the moment that production starts.

Privately held Sandbox Logistics has operations spanning six offices nationwide and is active in a full range of large-scale shale plays, from the Bakken basin to the Permian basin. The firm is led by CEO Josh Oren, who also maintains a leadership role in the prominent private equity group Oren & McCormick Ventures, L.P.